Mechanics in bringing a friend in Fitz U!

First thing's first, make sure you and your buddy are following us. Oh, and don't forget those order numbers! If you haven't subscribed yet, you'll miss out on your snazzy surprise gift!


If you're both ready, please follow the mechanics below:

1. Once you and your friend have purchased any of our items, please go to Contact Page.
2. In the contact page, please fill out the information needed, such as your name and the email address
3. In the comment section, please put these complete details: 

  • Your name and your friend's name
  • Your Order Numbers:

See this screenshot for the sample order number. Please note there will be 2 order numbers will be sent, yours and your friend's



In case that you did not receive the order confirmation, please check you spam/junk folders. 

  • Your emails. There will be 2 emails as we're going to send the surprise gift individually. You may also put your phone number or Messenger name for a direct contact.


4. Lastly, enjoy the surprise gift! ^^


Ensure that joining this promo is only possible if the order numbers are sent once.